Voltron Force


Today we have an attempt to cash in on my childhood on a degree just as bad as the next Michael Bay movie. I am talking about the Voltron Force.

Set a few years after where the original series left off, the Voltron team has been disbanded and their mechanical lions impounded after they go haywire. With the help of a few new cadets, the team reclaims their lost lions and prepares to fight against Prince Lotor who has risen from a deep sleep in hopes of once again attempting to take over the entire Universe.

I have to say that I like the feel of the show as a whole. The original team (Keith, Lance, Hunk, Pidge, and Allura) are updated for a new audience but still hold enough feel of their personalities from the first series. The action is good and I couldn’t help but have a bit of a fangasm as the lions came together to form the might robot Voltron. The narration sequence as the robots combine is engraved into my mind in the same way GIJOE’s “Knowing is half the battle” is. Pure nostalgic gold.

The problem I seem to have with this series is the new characters that were added to appeal to the younger demographic. All three of them have a huge character flaw that I just can’t get over. Daniel, the main character is basically a self insert biggest fan ever, who gets handpicked to become a cadet for the Voltron Force. Vince is a walking MacGuffin (plot device) who’s mysterious power can do whatever is necessary in the story, everything from recharging a lion that is low on power at the right time to cause the lions to undergo a new formation to defeat an enemy. Larmina, the only girl candidate is displaying the Xena/Buffy personality that has become common with female characters in this day and age. I really don’t have a problem with that aspect of the character. The problem I do have with her is that she is a niece to Allura, to a character who was previously described as being an only child. That’s right, they once again bring in the Scrappy doo, “It’s not a character’s direct kid, it’s their niece, but looks as if it might as well being their kid plot” which was a tired idea back in the day and is a tired idea now.

I really want to like this series but the glaring problems with the new addictions to the cast make it incredible hard to enjoy the series. I would personally prefer to rewatch the incredible underrated series, Voltron: The third dimension, than this one. I might give it a few more episodes but I’m definitely not giving this series my top priority.

Rating: C+

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