Neon Genesis Evangelion


I was kind of hesitating to write this review. I mean this is Neon Genesis Evangelion we are talking about. What could I possibly say about a series that has had such praise for close to twenty years? But I know it’s my duty as a reviewer specializing in Mecha to talk about the series that was a turning point in the genre.

Taking place in the future city of Tokyo 3 the story focuses on a young man named Shinji Ikari. Called home by his father Shinji finds the city under attack by a mysterious creature called an Angel. Rescued by a member of the organization NERV run by his father Gendo, young Shinji is tasked with piloting the EVA 01 a robot specially designed to fight the angels. As Shinji begins to fight against these monsters he eventually discovers there are more forces at play even with the robot he has been assigned to use in battle.

There have literally been novels discussing the different aspects of this series. Instead of looking at them in an effort to dissect the series (so this review doesn’t go on for an entire month) I am instead going to go over how I viewed and enjoyed the series over the years. I started watching this series at the end of high school where I found it enjoyable as a giant robot series. That was for must of the first run. The second time I researched it I started looking into it for the deeper meanings of the series and asking some of the bigger questions like “What was Seele really planning?”. Then I eventually watched End the Evangelion and didn’t really know what to think about the whole thing. Man that movie was a trip but that’s a review for another day. Then came the disenchantment with the series. I eventually got a roommate that obsessed over the series to the point of collecting Rei Ayanami figures and basically helped the End of Evangelion to leave an even worse taste in my mouth. I haven’t re-watched the series since then. The shine of the series was gone and I wonder if there is any way to bring it back. I mean I still appreciate the series for what it is. This was a game changer to the mecha genre much like Puella Magi Madoka Magica shook up the magical girl genre. My relationship with Neon Genesis Evangelion is much like a real relationship complete with its ups and downs.
Basically this is a series I had great devotion and has stood the test of time but since it has been around for so long I have fallen out of love with it but reflect on the memories we had fondly. I guess the best way to renew the feelings I only certain held for it would be to finally break down and watch the new movies. I just have been having trouble breaking down to watch them. I mean I have been burned before.


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