While getting the materials for this entry, I discovered that there is a French Heavy Metal band known as Gojira who actually wanted to be called Godzilla first but faced a copyright violation and had to chance it. It makes me want to look some of their music up and give it a listen. Maybe later though, I have a much bigger task at hand.

After a fishing boat is destroyed near Oda island, investigators soon discover that the weather had nothing to do with the destruction that has been plaguing the island. Instead, the islanders watch as the head of a giant monster they call Gojira raises its head from over the mountain and bellows his oncoming destruction. The result of a nuclear test, this fearsome creature is a force of nature that no man made force has any ability to take down. Only the recluse Dr. Serizawa holds the key to defeating the creature and victory will not come without a sacrifices.


For anyone who sees the later movies of Godzilla that were more geared towards children (Godzilla vs. Megalon, Godzilla’s Revenge) will immediately recognize the difference in atmosphere that htis movie possesses compared to what came after it. Gojira is a serious and powerful anti-nuclear war film. It makes it a point to showcase that the monster is the result of man’s foolishness and the ramification that come from believing that we have the ability to control all that their is in life when we are very insignificant against the destructive force of nature. This film is definitely geared more towards the more mature Kaiju fan who isn’t simply watching the film to enjoy the explosions and cool monster fight scenes.


One of two most polarizing scenes in the movie is as the children’s choir calls for peace as they camera scrolls across the destruction that was caused by Godzilla’s rampage. Its chilling and you feel the blight of the people as they call out for help to save them. The other scene which has been forever etched into my memory is the scene where Dr. Serizawa realizes that his weapon, the Oxygen Destroyer is far too powerful to exist in the world and will only create as much destruction as Godzilla would and sacrifices himself only after telling his fiancee to be happy with the man she has chosen to love. Like I said this isn’t the type of Godzilla movie most people are used to watching.

This film would later be turned into Godzilla King of the monsters thanks to additional scenes with Raymond Burr as an American Reporter named Steve Martin. Many American fans have probably watched this version but may not have taken the time to track down the original Gojira. For those who wish to elevate themselves to be a more well read and knowledgeable Kaiju fan, finding this version of the film and watching it is a must. I highly recommend you watch it and I dare you not to feel something during the ending.

Rating: A

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