Godzilla vs. Megalon

godzilla vs megalon dvdThis film has something of a reputation. People will often describe it as campy, hockey, and lame. Such negative criticism is going a bit too far. This film has its shortcomings but I am one of the first to rush to its defense. This is not the worse Godzilla movie in existence. I have yet to get around to reviewing that one.

The lost civilization of Seatopia, which disappeared underground centuries ago, wants humanity to stop with nuclear testing, decides to retake the surface, and plans to destroy all life in the process. To accomplish this they unleash the insectoid, Megalon to destroy all that stands in his way and capture a scientist who has made a robot that they plan to use to guide Megalon as he rampages. The inventor, Goro, along with his friend and nephew, regain control of the android, Jet Jaguar, and have him call for Godzilla. As he waits for the king of the monsters to arrive, Jet Jaquar grows big and enters the battle, but Seatopia has a plan and calls for Gigan to even the odds. Who will wing/ Godzilla nd Jet Jaguar, the saviors of humanity or Megalon and Gigant, the harbingers of death?megalonvs4

I’ll start by addressing the negativity that surrounds this film. There is no explanation as to how Seatopia, a kingdom that has been stuck underground for years has a connect with aliens from Nebula M to the point that the aliens would have no problem loaning them Gigan (I’m sure this was another script draft or something along those lines where this plot point made sense). It utilizes a lot of recycled footage including the explosions (that were originally from King Ghidorah’s attacks) and Godzilla crossing the sea. The “Kenny” (annoying little kid character, named for the kid from “Godzilla vs. The Smog Monster”) Roku is pretty annoying especially his dub actor who can be very loud at times. Finally their is Godzilla’s flying kick, which makes no flipping sense at all. Of course after the incident in “Vs. Smog Monster” where he used his breath to fly, we really can’t fault the studio for not wanting to stick with logic. megalonvs3

Let’s move to the good parts. It IS a very fun movie. This is Godzilla in the middle of his “friend to humanity” time and he is more than willing to drop everything and swim across the sea at a moment’s notice. It’s fun to watch him and Jet Jaquar work together to take down their enemies. Also, despite the fact that this is only appearance, Megalon does do enough damage and was iconic enough to become a favorite of many a Kaiju fan. Maybe its the fact that he’s a insect like monster but doesn’t look disgusting in his appearance.

In end its one of those movies that has the split “Love it or hate it” reputation. Personally though I love it. That Godzilla gives out such a thrashing on both Megalon and Gigan, especially Gigan considering Gigan kicked Godzilla’s butt the first time he appeared. I know Godzilla won that battle but it wasn’t without first getting knocked around like old garbage. Anyways, if you a new fan give it a shot. The show is free to watch over at Crunchyroll and I recommend you give it a watch as you explore your the genre of Kaiju.

Rating: B

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