Pacific Rim

bg_0There are times when you see a trailer to movie that just speaks to you. You watch it, are utterly memorized, and say “I am there” to the person sitting next to you. When the time comes and find out the movie did fulfill its promises you feel even more satisfied that the film was exactly what you hoped it would be. This is the exact scenario I experienced with Pacific Rim, a film that was precisely what I wanted and more.

After a dimensional rift opens in the ocean and starts releasing giant monsters called Kaiju humanity is on the verge of being wiped out. In response, the world builds Jaegers, giant robots to fight them. Raleigh Becket is a former Jaeger pilot who wasn’t able to fighter again after losing his brother. Now as the Jaeger program is being forced into retirement, Raleigh is called back into service to fight one last battle: to deliver a bomb into the rift and kill the monsters on the other side. With the help of Mako Mori, a woman with a past deeply connected to the Kaiju, Raleigh will fight against the Kaiju and cancel the apocalypse. pacific-rim-jaeger-controls

Director Guillermo Del Toro delivered the ultimate love letter to fans of giants monsters and robots with this film. From the rocket punches to the Serizawa factor used to grade the Kaiju, this film was almost tailor made to be reviewed by a Giant Monster/Mecha fanatic such as myself. I’ve yet to see a movie that the director has made that I haven’t enjoyed immensely.

The monsters and robots are the real draw of this film. The monsters all look menacing and towering over every opponent they they take on. My personal favorite would have to be Otachi because of his ability to fly and spit acid at the same time. You would think that my favorite robot would be Gypsy Danger as its the main machine in the movie but I have a soft spot for Eureka Striker. Don’t know what it is about but it just calls to me. Really need to grab a figure of that character to add to my collection.

The characters are very interesting to say the least even though some might say they fit into such familiar categories. Raleigh is the guy brought by for one more mission. Mako is the newbie with a twinkle in her eye that’s eager to prove herself. Idris is the hardened commander that won’t put up with no back talk. Of course balancing out this ensemble are unique characters like Dr. Newton Geiszler who is a Kaiju fanatic and Hannibal Chau, who has a found a way to profit off the dead Kaiju corpses. All together they form a cast that is fantastic to watch over and over again.

This film is epic, plain and simple. I am so glad that so many others found it to be just as amazing and we are eventually going to get a sequel to this film. I promise I’ll be there as soon as it opens to write up another review for others out there who are fans of Giant Robots using rocket elbows to deliver punches into the face of a Kaiju.

Also, they had a “Make a Jaeger” game on a website sponsored by the movie. I decided to make it the defender of my home state of Michigan. I present, Metro Renaissance.metro2

Rating: A


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