Mahou Sentai Magiranger


I’m overdue to once again review a Sentai series. I also haven’t taken the time to review any Kamen Rider Series. Thinking of making those a Patreon exclusive. I’ll work on those later. For now, let’s talk about the magical family, the Ozus.

The Infershia, a monster race, wish to revive their master, N Ma and take over the surface world. Ozu Miyuki takes notice and starts to fight but finds its too much for her. After her defeat, her children, Kai, Tsubasa, Ura, Houka, and Makito take up the charge and become the team, Mahou Sentai Magiranger to fight the Infershia with the power of courage as their main weapon.


The team is family based and each of them has a role and personality based on that. Each member fulfills there roles very much how they are in the family line up. Kai, the youngest is hot headed and eager to prove himself. Tsubasa the middle son is always looking for a fight. Makito, the oldest son is doing his best to watch over the whole family. Houka, the youngest daughter is spacey at times. Ura, the oldest daughter is almost a mother figure to the rest of the team. Top it off with the 6th member, Hikaru who comes in like a new teacher to help polish there skills and there’s your team. Not bad at all once they really get into the sync of things. NEOGDS-55432_3

The mecha of this series is interesting as the team actually transforms into their robots. Each of which is based on a different magical beast (Phoenix, Fairy, Mermaid, Garuda, Minotaur). This is interesting as they later still combine and become a bigger robot. A bit out there but I do like the look of the main megazord. Maybe because of the different spells, they use through the series resulting in different final attacks. The 6th member uses a train. A magical train. I wonder if its parked at platform 9 3/4. Sadly there is no ultrazord or major combination. Sad but still impressive designs. Magi12

The villains are massive to say the least. The series goes through 2 commanders, 10 members of a special boss group, and the main villain on top of the usual monster of the week. There also is the dark night Wolzard who has much more to him than meets the eye. Also, I’m very partial to the minion characters of Nai and Mare are adorable. 2 girls in Gothic Lolita outfits that are evil, but see the light and become good. Yes. Please. This is definitely a series where the villains grow on you and you find yourself drawn to the evil they do.

The series has a good flow to it and one of the most memorable and heart warming ending to a series I can remember. In the total, this series was memorable and even though its not one of my favorite themes. I’m still looking forward dot he next Sentai that is magical base.d I do wish though with all the crossovers with Kamen Riders that the team would be seen fighting along side Kamen Rider Wizard. Sees like wasted potential. Maji Maji Majiro!



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