Gurren Lagann

tumblr_mmz1cqDrNV1qi6b5eo2_1280 When I started this blog I knew there was a lot of posts that I would have to do if I wanted to prove myself as a true fan of Kaiju and Mecha. There were a lot of reviews that I knew right off the top of my head I would have to do if I wanted to showcase that I had not only seen great shows but really taken the time to analyze them. This is one of those shows. A show that every Mecha fan needs to have seen and taken to heart.

Simon is a digger who lives in an underground city and is content with working the day away drilling holes. His best friend Kamina dreams of the surface world, saying their is more to life than what they have been told. Their lives are thrown for a loop when a giant robot crashes through the roof and exposes their is a world above and its filled with creatures called Beast Men that pilot giant robots. The pair is saved by a girl named Yoko, a sniper from the surface. Simon returns the favor by using an artifact he found earlier to operate a smaller robot and save the day. Afterward, the three set out on a quest to defeat the Beast Men and prove their worth.


Gurren Lagann isn’t just a good Mecha show but a Mecha show that reminds everyone just how entertaining the genre can be. Those who are true fans of Mecha know that sometimes after watching show after show it can often get repetitive and sometimes dull. You need a show that re-energizes your love for watching giant robots kick the crap out of one another. That’s what this show offers. It showcases giant robots, combining with other robots and getting enormous weapons just by taping into the internal power of awesomeness that lies dormant in all of us.

There are a few points that I would like to talk about with this series but I fear dropping spoilers. I pride myself on doing my best not to give too many spoilers (after all Wikipedia is stock full of them). Still I will say that the colossal events that take place are shocking and will leave you questioning whether to keep going at a certain point in the series. I urge all who watch this to finish it until the end as it is worth the ride that you take. The ending does feel a bit off but again no spoilers here. Go watch it and come back to see if you agree or disagree with what I have to say.


This show is fun. Sometimes that’s all an anime has to be. Yes there is more to it then that and the messages that its trying to convey  such as believing in yourself and never giving up are very poignant. Still, sometimes a show just has to be fun and entertaining. And this show is that in spades. Ro, Ro fight the power.


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