My Gunpla: 1/144 Future Pink Petit-Beargguy

I haven’t given up on this section but with the way things are going in my life, I just haven’t had the time work on all the projects I want to. This means that Gunpla has had to take a back seat to everything else that is going on. I told myself I would take the time to build at least one model over my holiday break and luckily I made good on my commitment. 20151221_133913This is the 1/144 Future Pink Petit Beargguy. I made this little guy for my wife for Christmas. She hasn’t seen Gundam Build Fighters or its sequel Build Fighters Try but she is a big fan of cute things and loves the color pink. This in mind I decided to build her one of the Beargguy from the series which have become quite popular even among non-Gundam fans.


The make of this little guy was pretty easy. Snip him out, and minimal sanding to get the pieces right. I’m still not very happy with how my sanding is turning out though and will have to make it a priority to work on that aspect of the build as I move forward. I made sure to add a few touches to it to make the model a bit more special. To that end I made sure to paint the eyes and nose instead of using the stickers and paint the bow red. After those were dry, a simple bit of clear coat on him and the model was built. He was a cute little guy and since I made it as a gift I’m not going to add a grade to him. I’m relatively pleased with the way he turned out though. I just wish I had the time to work more on my model building. Priorities, the joy of being an adult.




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