Today’s film is a conundrum for any fan of giant robots. It presents a world where space marines pilot them but insists we shouldn’t root for them. Instead we root for a group of blue furred aliens. Crazy isn’t it?

Jake Sully is a disabled soldier looking for a purpose. He is approached by the navy who want him to take his brother’s place on the planet Pandora and use an Avatar body to become a Navi to act as security. After being separated from his group he is saved by Naheeri, daughter of the chief of the home tree. He is allowed to stay and learn the ways of the Navi. Soon Jake finds himself getting so deep into the culture he begins to questions his loyalty and his feelings for Naheeri.

Avatar 03

Avatar’s appeal was reflected in its box offer return. For a film which didn’t have any type of previous materiel it did surprisingly well. Though the haters were quick to label it “Dances with Smurfs” because of its similarities to the film Dances with Wolves and the fact the aliens have blue skin. It is suggested you don’t pay attention to these critics as the film has a lot to offer.

The insane attention to detail presented with the visuals used to showcase the alien world of Pandora makes the movie mandatory viewing. The experience of watching the film in 3D is an incredible and immersive. Some think this is the only proper way to watch the movie. James Cameron really knew what he was doing when he took the time to craft the immensely engaging world.

Avatar 02

The mecha of the film falls into the “military issued hardware” category. They are the basic bipedal, human armed robots and they wield enlarged versions of human weapons. This means there is no customized suits or real way of distinguishing them apart. Luckily, there are few moments where so many of these machines are on the screen at the same time where it becomes hard to tell who is piloting which suit.

Despite the very conclusive ending the film posses, many sequels have been planned. This really shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone considering how much money the first movie made. I personally am willing to give James Cameron the time he needs to get more of these films produced. Even if it does mean it will take him even longer to get around to a proper adaptation of Battle Angel Alita. Still, even if the sequels go too far or shatter the look of the characters we still have this movie and the joy it gave to us. Avatar is essential film for any fan of giant robots, science fiction, and aliens. Even if you are rooting for the robots to lose.


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