Eureka Seven: Pocketful of Rainbows


The two previous entries in this theme month managed to condense the story of the original series in a fun and entertaining way. Today’s movie doesn’t succeed in that regard and instead results in something which takes a turn from the original in ways which don’t pan out for the better.

Renton is looking for his childhood Love Eureka, who was taken from him when he was very young. After enrolling in the military and through the use of his robot, Nirvash, Renton is able to reunite with Eureka. What Renton is unaware of is that forces close to him plan to use her for their own purposes.


The major change with the movie which brings won the film  as a whole is the new take on the crew of the Gekkostate. No longer just rebels trying to expose the military’s dark secretes, they are now former military experiments who are tying to find a way back to a paradise they saw called Neverland. The entire plot of the movie is them using Eureka to find a way to get back there because if they don’t there is a good chance they won’t live much longer. To obtain this lost Eden they are willing to do anything including assaulting Eureka. Yes, there is a scene where Hap and Stoner, fun loving characters in the original series decide to assault Eureka to confirm is she is the maiden who can help them return to Neverland. its a bit disturbing to say the lease and the film doesn’t’ really recover form it at all. Especially since the scene ends with Renton getting show in the stomach.

The ending is also a bit less than chipper as well. Eureka and Renton end up together but not in nearly as happy as they were in the series. This is the main problem with the whole movie. Instead of a good feeling of satisfaction which came after watching the original series, the movie feels awkward and uncomfortable. Not the best follow up to one of the best Mecha animes ever.


This movie does have a new form for for the robot Nirvash (pictured above). Its a new evolved form which looks a bit like Tekkaman Blade from the anime series of the same name. As a fan of that show I think it looks impressive but isn’t in the movie long enough to save it from the crippling alterations they made. You are better off just taking the time to watch the original series.

There you have it, a retelling that didn’t work out for the better. Not every film is able to have the same joy and feelings epicness as the series they were based on. Next time, a retelling that takes a much different approach by reinventing the entire look of the show. For the better in many people’s opinion. See you then crew.


Eureka Seven


The review for this week came from realizing that I had not finished watching its sequel series. There was no major reason why I gave up on Eureka Seven: AO half way through. The series didn’t annoy me or frustrate me, it was just one of those series that you never get around to finishing. Oh well, let’s focus more on the one that really is worth talking about.

Renton Thurston lives a boring life in the shadow of his father, the man who saved the world. He’d much rather be a member of Gekkostate, the counter government group that uses pop culture and Lifting to get spread their message. Renton’s life is thrown into a tailspin when a member of Gekkostate named Eureka crashes into his house in her robot, Nirvash. Together, the two will form a bond that will be tested and will throw the entire world into change. Will Renton be strong enough to weather the storm?

The intriguing thing about the series is just how deep things go. Once Renton starts his crush on Eureka, he insists on sticking with her no matter what. What he doesn’t understand is that no matter what will include taking down a government that is bend on trying to destroy the mysterious Coral that has infected the world, learning the truth behind his father’s death, and coming to grips with the fact that his girlfriend might be more than a regular human. Still, give the boy credit, he crushes hard and doesn’t give up no matter what obstacles are thrown in his face. Give that boy a metal!


Eureka Seven is what you might call a package anime. it has everything going for it. Good characters, breathtaking landscape, detailed vehicles, and incredible Giant Robots. I mean, the Robots on moving through the sky on flying surf boards, how is that not the coolest thing ever? How about the fact that he animation is spectacular and their is no shortage of characters and relationships for you to attach yourself to. Not a fan of the Renton and Eureka relationship? Then try the Dominic and Anemone one. Takes the boy a while to realize just how much he that girl means to him but in the end, he finds a way to reach her…by falling through the sky screaming her name. .


Seriously, I know this anime is a bit long but go check it out. You will not regret it. Now that I finally did the review for the first series maybe this will prompt me to go back and finally finish Eureka Seven: AO. Probably not considering I haven’t gone back in almost three years. Still, you never know. I also realize I’ve been given too many good ratings lately. Expect something of at least a C or lower next week.

Rating: A-

P.S. Wanted to make a reference to the ever popular quote “You’re going to carry that weight” that was often used in the series but nothing came to mind. Oh well. Still a cool quote to mention thoug.