Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu

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When doing a sequel what you want to are sure is that you major changes aren’t done to mess with the formula. Massive shifts in a series or movie that made it popular in the first place can be a recipe for disaster. For a giant robot show it would be insane to remove the robots for the show. Unless of course you had an incredible cast of characters that could still have hilarious adventures even without them.

Sosuke Saegara is back to protect Chidori Kaname from the dangers of the world. To this end he will detonate shoe lockers that have been tampered with and Bobby trap the school bread delivery. Chidori is going to have her hands full dealing with the hilarious chaos Sosuke causes.

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The comedy for this series is over ┬áthe top. Viewers will be laughing to the point they won’t be able to breath. Sosuke`s antics this time around seems to just as bad if not worse than in the original series. Sosuke is quick to pull a weapon on even in the most normal of circumstances. He fires a round off to rider his lunch from the food truck at school. If that isn’t funny, then nothing will. The episode at the hot springs is especially humorous complete with a parody to Gundam SEED in it.

There is something of robot introduced to this series. The robot is called Bunta-kin, a mascot costume from a amusement park that Sosuke grabs as a temporary disguise. Taking the costume home, Sosuke reinforces it with defensive abilities, and uses it in a few other episodes in the series and the results are comedy gold. The word, “Fumoffu” is all Bunta-ken can say and gives the series it’s subtitle. Also, if there is anything funnier than a teddy bear mascot holding a pump action shotgun then I have yet to find it.

fumoffu 2

If there are any mecha fans out there who decided to pass this seris up because it didn’t have any giant robots in it should reconsider their life choices. This is a show that ┬ápeople shouldn’t pass it up. Now rush out and grab this series. FUMOFFU! With this review out of the way, all I have left for Full Metal Panic is the Second Raid. Unless of course the studio would be so kind as to finally bring another series to the fans in the upcoming year. That would make 2016 something to remember for sure.


Full Metal Panic


As I’ve said mixing genres can be very tricky. You would think just from the description that a “Comedy mecha series set in high school” would not be a good idea because it sounds ludicrous. Well it is ludicrous, and hilarious, thrilling, touching, memorable and a whole lot of fun. This is the series known as as Full Metal Panic, a show that truly is the full package.

Sousuke Saga is a member of an elite secret military organization known as Mithirl who works to defend the world from the shadows. TO protect a young girl who is believed to be the target of a terrorist organization, Sousuke enrolls in her high school. Unfortunately, Sousuke doesn’t exactly fit into Japanese High School life and becomes a major annoyance to the young girl named Kaname Chidori. Just as it seems as if Kaname can’t take any more of Souske’s behavior, the bad guys come for her and Sousuke it there, ready to jump into a giant robot to protect her. Who says there’s no good guys in the world anymore?


The characters of this show really make it stand out. Sousuke is clueless but a very competent solider. Kaname is an easily angered tsundare (A ruff exterior, sweet on the side type), but the anger can sometimes can justified given that Souske’s first thought is usually to reach for his gun, even in school. Still, the fact that Sousuke is so impulsive and one to make things blow up on a regular basis is what what makes this show so entertaining. The supportive characters such as Kurtz Weber and Melissa Mao are also great and help add to the story. I even enjoyed Tessa Testarossa, despite the fact that I am well aware that she is a rather annoying character to some fans.

Full Metal Panic Arbalest

The mecha of this series are very unique. The show seems to showcase that every country has its own designs and different suits. A suit from Japan would be different from one in Russia. Still, its the main guys themselves who get some of the more impressive suits. I still think that the Arbalest (pictured above) is a one of my favorite suits throughout history. Hmm, that’s a list I should probably put together one of these days.

I know that I would heavily criticized if I didn’t mention the relationship between Kaname and Sousuke. There really isn’t anything that I could say that hasn’t been said a million times before by bigger fans then myself. They are adorable together, Sousuke does her best to try to protect her, even though his best sometimes makes Kaname very annoyed at his actions. They are one of the most entertaining Anime couples out there. I like many would probably squeal with delight if they actually animated a scene of the two of them kissing. Someday maybe it will happen.


Getting around to reviewing fumoffu (even without giant robots) and second raid. I’ll give it some time though and hopefully by the time I get done reviewing all three series they will finally get that newly announced Full Metal Panic: Another done. Come on people, don’t leave me hanging.

Rating: A