Rahxephon: Pluralitas Concentio


Welcome to my first themed month. Every post in this month of January will be dedicated to the theme of “Series retelling.” These movies take the plot of the original series they were based on and retell them in a short condensed movie. The first entry in this theme month is Rahxephon.

Ayato Kamina and his young girlfriend have been separated by the Tokyo Jupiter Incident, which cuts off Tokyo from the outside world. Ayato is approached by a mysterious woman named Haruka who leads him to the giant winged robot Rahxephon. Now Ayato must use the Rahxephon to fight the Dolems send by the Mu, who caused the Tokyo Jupiter Incident and find a way to reunite with the love of his life, Mishima.


Since the month is about retelling the story, evaluating whether its a good or bad retelling should come first. Overall, it does a pretty good job retelling the story of Rahxephon. The mysteries don’t get as much time to drag out as they did in the TV show. Still they make sure to focus the important beats of the original story and add some very interesting scenes.

Speaking of interesting scenes, the love story between Ayato and Mishima is the main focus of the movie. Though their romance was a subplot in the original series, focusing on it really helps to showcase just who important it was to the overall plot. Also, the two of them are a cute couple and their love is very entertain to watch develop. Small spoiler but the two of them make love. Personally, I find this refreshing as not all anime couples get the option of having the aspect of an adult relationship without it become some kind of ecchi fanservice comedy or straight up hentai.


Sadly, the studio didn’t add any new mecha to the film. Would have been nice if they had added one movie exclusive robot for a new fight scene. They do make sure to include a few of the better fight scenes form the show but probably could have benefited from one just one more fight.

Overall, this is a good movie to watch. All fans who enjoyed the Rahxephon series should make it a point to watch this film. This was made at the point in time when many thought that Studio Bones doing a mecha anime was always going to be a recipe for success. Sadly, shows like Heroman and Captain Earth have made it so fans must be a little wary before diving head first into one of their shows. Still, Bones still has a pretty good track record and I become hesitatingly optimist every time I hear they are doing a giant robot series.

There we go. the first entry in the “retelling” theme month.  If you like the theme let me know and I’ll work on adding more theme months in this blog’s future.




In the wake of the genre changing anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, there were a lot of series that tried to copy the formula. Basically, the mecha series that tried copy Evangelion had a similar story where the giant robot of the series having aspirations to change the world. One of these series which I personally feel surpassed Evangelion itself is Rahxephon.

The young artist Kamina Ayato lives in Tokyo the last remaining city in the world. Soon his world is turned upside down when he is shown the truth that there is more to than just Tokyo in the world and Ayato`s connection to the mysterious giant robot Rahxephon. Does this powerful creation have the power to tune the world?


One of the aspects that separates Rahxephon from Evangelion is the love story at the center between Ayato and Haruka. The attraction between the two of them is evident from the moment the two of them are on screen together. You really feel yourself wanting these two to get together and over come the odds that are thrown against them. Make no mistake these two have a lot to get through including she’s at least 12 years older then him, he’s a member of a mystical race, and Ayato catches Haruka kissing her ex-boyfriend. Still, even through the hardships you find yourself wanting them to hook up.


A problem that the series seemed to suffer from is that it seems to lack staying power. I mean I love this anime and count it among one of my favorites but unfortunately not a lot of others feel the same way. If I can find a big fault in it the series’ characters other than Ayato and Haruka are a bit on the forgetful side. I mean they don’t have the recognition factor that say Rei or Asuka from Evangelion have. Of course maybe if there were hundreds of figures of Haruka then the series might have the popularity that Evangelion has. Still, its true that the supporting cast is more generic than that of Evangelion but at least Rahxephon works hard to answer all the plot points that it sets up and doesn’t try to twists its fan’s minds just to tell a story.

I really do recommend this series though profusely. If the series finds its way onto Netflix or Hulu (scratch that I looked it up while I was typing up this post. It is on Hulu. The entire series), I highloy recommend that you take some time and rewatch this series. The mecha battles are entertaining in a way that’s just as inventive as Evangelion and the tug on your heart strings love story will keep you going throughout the series. And if you find yourself enjoying it, recommend it to someone else so this series can stay a classic for all to enjoy. Fly me to the music…

Rating: A-