Like I said previously I have weaknesses when it comes to the Giant Monster Fandom. Old school giant monster moves took the number three spot on that list and I decided to keep the train going. The second weakest area of GMF (giant monster fandom) is with Ultraman.

A special division of the government, the Science Special Search Patrol (Mostly referred in the series as the Science Patrol) is tasked to investigate weird disturbances around the world. As they go to investigate a crashed meteor, one of there members, Shin Hayata collides with a secondary meteor and almost dies but it turns out that the meteor was in fact a being an energy being who wishes to help to defend the earth. Giving him the Beta Capsule, Shin is able to transform into Ultraman and defend the earth from evil monsters.


I’ll be blunt. I found this series to be bit dull. This series did have some pretty good moments. The episode with the monster graveyard where the team shows respect for the fallen monsters they have fought and vanquished was actually moving. Unfortunately, this episode it comes after over thirty episodes of the usual formula of investigating a strange phenomenon, it turns out to be a monster, the Science Team tries to stop it but don’t succeed and Shin turns into Ultraman to defeat the monster. Yes there is the classic timer on Ultraman that reminds him he only has three minutes which should add tension to the story but personally I found that little “dinging” over and over again to be incredibly annoying and it comes at some point every episode.

I’m sure others will point out that I’m a big fan of Godzilla and Sentai why do I have such a problem with Ultraman. Most Sentai and Godzilla do have character development to the characters in the series and movies. Ultraman has the old school sitcom feel to it. There isn’t much change or growth in the characters as the series progresses. Things change but once in a great while and the biggest change I can remember is that the kid sidekick became a full fledged member of the Science Patrol.


This is the only Ultraman series that I have watched all the way through. Its not to say that I will never watch an Ultraman series again or haven’t. I have tried to watch a few others but have yet to watch them to completion. The problem is that I haven’t found “My Ultraman” series. What do I mean about that? Allow me to explain. I’m a big fan of Kamen Rider and the first series I watched was Kamen Rider Blade and was and still is one of my favorite Kamen Rider Series. What I need to do is find an Ultraman series that I enjoy immensely and can look back at and remember “Keep going. The franchise can entertain you as much as I did. Don’t give up on us.” Once I find that series I’ll let you know and write up about it.

Well there you go the second of my weaknesses in the GMF. What’s my biggest weakness? Come back next week and find out.

Rating: B (the monster graveyard episode and Pigmon`s death episode)/ C+ (for the rest of the series)

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