Earth vs. the spider (1958)


We now come to my greatest weakness when it comes to Giant Monsters. As a recap number three on the list was the American Giant monster movies and number two was the Ultraman franchise. Hands down my greatest weakness in the giant monster fandom is Giant Spider films. 

Yes for me once a spider gets bigger than the size of a silver dollar I high tale it out of the room. It took multiple viewings of Return of the King before I got fully accustomed to seeing Shelob on the screen. I literally squirmed in my seat during the Desolation of Smaug when the group gets captured by the spiders. That on the table you can understand that there will not that many film reviews of Giant Spider movies. Today’s review though is and I’ll explain later what made me decide to watch this particular film. 


Carol is worried about when her father doesn’t come home the previous night. When she and her boyfriend Mike go investigating they only to find a giant Tarantula. They inform the police who find the creature and decide to use poison against it. After knocking the monster unconscious, its taken to the local High School for holding until they can transport it to a university for study. What they don’t know is that the spider isn’t done by a long shot and the town doesn’t realize that the Spider will be ready for round 2 soon.

This movie has a lot of plot holes that are impossible to overlook. First off they don’t explain at all how the spider grows to its incredible size. They just discover a giant spider and they have to deal with it. Also, the police got on board with believing the kids a bit too quick. The spider probably should have taken a few more victims for the authorities to really get their collective butts in gear. 

Also, can we talk about these insane high school students for a second. How desperate are these kids for entertainment that they would be able to overlook the corpse of a huge spider and start to swing dance? Personally if I heard such a huge beast existed I would make sure to move at least three states away from wherever that thing ever was. No telling if it left eggs behind or not. My fear of giant spiders aside this movie isn’t really that threatening. The spider itself only really gets to kill like two people and web up a town. For the most part he’s really more of an inconvenience than he is is a threat. 


It wasn’t really a bad movie but its just so bland. If it wasn’t for my arachnophobia the movie wouldn’t have bothered me at all. I did enjoy the way they were finally able to dispatch the creature but still a good ending after sitting through a crap film will only get you so far. Hence the rating.

Rating: D

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