Big O


What would it be like if instead of being Batman, Bruce Wayne called upon a giant robot to fight evil? This is the question that many a fan has asked while making philosophical what ifs with other fans. Luckily there is a series that answers this question and does it with style. The name of that series is Big O.

In the amnesiac town of Paradigm city, savvy Roger Smith works as a negotiator, making business arrangements for those who can pay. He is not without a conscious though for when things get intense and forgotten giant monsters from the past appear he shouts into his watch “Big O! Show time!” This summons the giant robot to piston punch those who be harm the populous. Together with his butler and a the robotic R. Dorothy Wainwright, he fights against the protect the city as the mysterious from the past that wont stay forgotten.

This series has an interesting atmosphere to it. I mentioned Batman in the introduction because that is the comparison that is often mentioned when talking about this series. I have to say that it gets the look of what would pass for Batman more than some of the segments form the Batman: Gotham Knights film series. Roger even looks like a character model for Bruce Wayne. That alone should be clean sell for anyone to check out the series.


The mystery that the series posses is also very deep. The reason behind the event that caused the great amnesia to take place is never fully explain. Probably why a second season was eventually put into production. Still, without the second season and looking to the depths that the stories takes one could easily say that things are not fully flushed out. That would be the one negative mark I could make about that series.

The Big O and the robots he fights are very unique. They have a variety in their designs from steampunk to cyberpunk and a bit of old low budge sci-fi movies mixed in for good measure. There also is the robot, Dorothy who acts emotionless but seems to add moments of heart to the story. Amazing how sometimes it takes robots to get us to feel emotional responses.


Big O is a great series which has some nostalgia from its days on Toonami but I worry that the series may fall through the cracks from the sad fact that Mecha shows don’t get the love that they deserve here in the States. Yet, for those who still hold love for this series, there will always be moments of solitude when we find ourselves yelling into our watches, “BIG O! SHOWTIME!”

Rating: A-

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