Gamera the Brave

gamera the brave 2A follow up to a popular trilogy does ot always get the best reception. With a high amount of expectation a new installment to the franchise to the franchise maybe unable to measure up. No, I’m not talking about Star Wars: The Force Awakens (which is a good movie and you should go see it) but about Gamera: The Brave, the first film after the fanominal Guardian of the Universe trilogy.

After a final battle with Gyaos, Gamera is destroyed and the world experiences peace. Over 30 years later, a young boy named Toru finds a store which hates into a turtle he calls Toto Unfortunately, Toto gets very big, very fast, and soon is as big as a house. It maybe more of a blessing though as the mysterious and blood thirsty monster called Zedus is reeking havoc across the country. It’s now time for the new Gamera to rise to the occasion and save the day.

The problem most people have with this film is the shift in tone from the previous trilogy. It is much more lighthearted and playful in nature. I`ll admit the turtle is cute, makes adorable sounds, and the scenes with his developing powers is entertaining to watch. Still, after watching the previous trilogy most would Gamera fans would prefer they didn’t change the tone.

gamera the brave 1

The monster combat in this film is impressive from the beginning with Gyaos ripping Gamera apart. Zedus in a threat the moment he appears and it becomes incredible apparent without Gamera humanity is doomed. Just wish Zedus had a proper origin story and didn’t die with a single fireball.

The world building is pretty good with the monster fighting organization being put out of business for lack of activity, the economy changing after a monster attack, and the aspect with the scientists powering up Gamera so he can save humanity. Just a bit too much of the kids. A little too much of the kids and not enough of the adults who may have been able to shed light on where Zedus came from.

gamera 3

Overall, this is not he worst entry in the Gamera franchise, it’s just not the best. Don’t let this deter you from seeing this film. It’s worth a watch. Now if you will excuse me, watching Toto has prompted me to get a turtle. That or read some Sgt. Frog manga. That series was littered through the entire movie.


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