King Kong (2005)

4076942-514The term “remake” is a dangerous word for any fan of film these days. Hollywood is so scared to take risks that they find it safer to remake a classic movie that has an audience. Unfortunately, this often resulted in movies being made that lack the love and attention the original film possessed. It takes love for the original property to make a remake of any worth. Lucky for the world, Peter Jackson loved King Kong when he set out to revitalize the classic film. 

Ann Darrow is a young actress in need of work. She is cast by Jack Driscoll, a movie director desperate to get out of town and start filming his movie before the studio pulls his budget. Together the two set off with a crew to the mysterious and lost land known as Skull Island. There they encounter the 8th wonder of the world, King Kong. 

The most notable difference between this movie and the original is the visuals. the visual effects and cinematography is gorgeous to behold. From the scars and markings on Kong`s body to the lush jungle world he calls home, everything is a sight to the eyes that easily requires multiple viewings to take it all in. 

The real draw of this film Ann and the bond she shares with Kong. the love she feels for the creature is evident as she would prefer to do a chorus line (something she detests) than actually be a part of the show that exploited Kong. The scene with them frolicking on the ice is a demonstration of the bond the two of them share. 

The major criticism associated with this film does ring true. IT IS LONG. Thought it is a fun ride it is not without its slow moments that the movie drag once and a while. Still, this is a minor criticism over an incredibly entertaining film. 


In the end Peter Jackson`s film is a marvel to behold and stands as a fan`s ultimate love letter to a film that was a big part of their childhood. Other features have not nearly been as fortunate as Kong and would love to have a film haf as entertaining as this. Much like how I dream of working with Godzilla. Ah, someday.



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