Tensou Sentai Goseiger


After Power Rangers was briefly cancelled in America I decided to break down and start watching the original Japanese Sentai series. I had already been watching Kamen Rider for a few years and I looked at it as an opportunity to keep my love of the franchise alive. My first show was Gosei Sentai Gosieger ,which looking back makes me wonder how I stayed a Sentai fan at all after watching this dreck.

As the gateway to Angel world is destroyed by the Alien Menace known as the Warstars, five Angels find themselves stuck in the mortal world. With the help of a young boy named Nozomu the five angels, Alata, Eri, Agri, Moune, and Hyde keep up their job of protecting humanity by becoming the newest sentai team: Gosei Sentai Goseigers.


The best experience with any Sentai is enjoying the journey that they go on. How they constantly fight to protect the innocent helps to shape them and allows them to grow as characters. Watching some of the struggles they endure like Takeru’s identity crisis from Samurai Sentai Shinkenger or Uchii’s eternal vendetta with Dogold from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger are truly moving movements that helps fans to bond with the characters. Sadly Goseiger lacks any of these moments and show no real growth of the individual team members. The five members of the team are angels from angel world and that’s all the character development they really get. Sure we get glimpses that shows their maybe more to them but these plot lines are never explored and the characters start bland and remain bland the entire series. I did enjoy Gosei Knight as a character but mostly the fact that he was a robotic sixth member of the team which is always great to see in a show. Unfortunately, a good team plays off of their wasn’t much for him to do.

The villains are some times the best part of the series. Sadly the series has such a high rotation of villains organizations, each of which could have been the main boss of the entire show if they had been written better. I personally though the main boss of the Warstars Mons Drake had the potential to be the ultimate enemy but he gets destroyed before Gosei Knight was introduced. Sure all the groups have the common member of Brajira who becomes a member of each of the evil organizations but I really get attached to him. Sadly just like the Goseigers his interest is surface level at best and you stop caring about hwy he is working these evil minion jobs after the second bit of team hopping.


The Mecha are the only redeeming factor of this series. I enjoyed the different Gosei robots and the fact that Gosei Knight transformed into his own robot was also very interesting. Sadly this aspect isn’t without its faults as well as the show seems to introduce new robots almost every episode leaving you with no wiggle room to get accustomed to any of these machines.

Bottom line: This is a bland Sentai. I can’t recommend it even in the slightest and had to knuckle down just to finish it. Skip it entirely and go onto Gokaiger. Space Pirates? Who doesn’t love that? Unless you are a completionist stay away from this series. *Skick Power: Memoryfly* There! Your forgot it.

Rating: D

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