Mothra vs. Godzilla

Mothra Vs. GodzillaHere it is. One of the most infamous movies in the entire Godzilla franchise. Then which had two monsters from the TOHO studios together. It was here where many say the studio found its groove and started a streak of great films. This is Godzilla vs. Mothra.

After a violent storm rocks a costal town, a large egg is discovered. As reporter Ichiro Sakai and his photographer Junko Nakanishi begin to investigate the egg it gets bought by a man named Kumayama, owner of Happy enterprises. Just as reports come in and let them know the egg is radioactive, the pair is approached by the Shobojin who tells them the egg belongs to Mothra. Unfortunately, before they can get back the egg, Godzilla appears, and seems on a mission to destroy the egg. Now Mothra must do what she can to save her lost egg and the innocent creatures inside.

Mothra Vs. Godzilla

This movie takes a sharp eye to really appreciate. First off Godzilla is out for blood and he wanted nothing more than to destroy Mothra and the egg. He appears out of the ground, because he had been following after the egg after it was carried away by the hurricane and got buried in the process. It was a best character motivation the creature had since his first movie. Mothra itself starts to get his own characteristics as she becomes a bridge between humans and monster kind.

The humans of this movie are also some of the more entertaining since Gojira as well. Sakai and Junko are very interesting and well meaning characters who are doing everything they can to try and help the world. Kumayama finds a way to represent the worst of humanity by putting his own interests ahead of the safety of others. Their interaction really helps to make the movie more memorable.

Mothra Vs. Godzilla

This movie has a scene which is still very memorable even today. In an effort to cure Sakai and Junko of radioaction contamination they simply coated in a little bit of gas and they perfectly fine after. For the longest time I believed this is actually what happens. Always know people, this is an example of TOHO science which should always be double checked before actually using it as a source for a report.

Some characters stay friends forever. Others are villains until the end of time. Then their are the characters who help each other but then again will sometimes butt heads. This is a rival and are essential for helping to advance one another through their careers or towards goals. This is the relationship Mothra and Godzilla have had over the years. One which has helped the two of them rise to great strides. When Godzilla was taking his break while he was with Sony, Mothra took over and had her own trilogy. Now all we have to do is hope Mothra does in deed make a comeback in the second Godzilla because it would be great to see this great rivalry continue.


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