Attack on Titan



I’ve wondered if I need to review this series. I mean it is insanely popular and EVERYONE in the anime community knows about it already. Still, since it is a so popular I thought I should weigh in on how I feel about the series.

After a devastating war against cannibalistic giants known as Titans, humans retreated behind three large walls to keep themselves safe and to prosper. In a small village, Eren Yeagar lives with his parents and adopted sister Mikasa wishing to know what the world outside the wall is like. This peace is shattered when a Titan higher than the wall itself appears and creates a giant hole in the wall restarting the war of humanity against the Titans. Now Eren and Mikasa and their childhood friend Armin must join the army and train to fight for their survival.


The setting of this Anime is unique. From the get go we are introduced to a world where humanity lives behind walls to hide from hyper violent monsters. This is one of those shows that has a person interested and addicted by the end of the first episode. A welcome sight considering there are so many shows that need a few episode grace period to get themselves in gear. Also, the 3D gear which allows a person to move through the air like Spider-Man really helps to make the anime stand out.

One of the main draws that the series has going for it is the pacing. Things go from “everything is fine” to “Run for your life!” at the drop a hat. The first episode alone shows us a quiet peaceful village bustling with life and people deluded in the idea they are safe behind their walls only to have this delusion shattered within a few minutes. The incredible graphic description of violence against humans and titans makes the fear and severity of the situations much more real.

Another aspect of this series that draws people to it is the main female lead. Mikasa Ackerman proves to be one of more skilled humans in the army once she finishes training. Her talent for fighting titans is found to be on parallel with Captain Levi, leader of the Survey Corps and one of the most destructive humans on the planet. On top of being a great fighter, Mikasa displays that she is the incredible loyal to her friends Armin and Eren as they are the family that she will stand by and support through the hell they endure. She attacks with the strength of lioness if you touch her pride.


It should be noted that if you don’t enjoy violence then this is definitely not the series for you. I have someone I know who can’t stand all the gore that comes from the titan’s rampage. That is the major point that makes this Anime less than accessible for those who aren’t fans of violence. Don’t vault these fans who are unable to appreciate this series though as Anime is just a media. Not liking this show doesn’t mean they don’t like Anime in general. Its not necessary that every popular show be loved by everyone. Yes, I do feel like I need to make that distinction as the community seems to be quick to jump on others who don’t like what they like.

The intense action, engaging story, and intriguing characters will be hard to recreate by any other series in the future.  If you can’t tell, I enjoyed this series and the only true complaint I have against it is that I’m still waiting for that sequel to get here. I’ll make sure to do a review of that show when it comes out as well. Maybe I’ll even do an episode by episode review. I’ll let you know when it comes out.

Rating: A

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