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Giant Spider Invasion

I’m still working on getting back into making sure to give this blog the attention it properly deserves. Until then though I’m still create content elsewhere. First up, check out my appearance over at Monster Kid Radio where Derek M. Koch and I discussion, the Giant Spider Invasion. Afterward, follow these links over to Monkeys Fighting Robots and check out reviews of the recent issues of Power Rangers and Transformers. You’ll enjoy it, trust me.

Colossal News: Godzilla: Resurgence and Attack on Titan are coming to America.

Godzilla: Resurgence

If you haven’t been following the news from the San Diego Comic-Con you really should. They just made some big announcements about Godzilla: Resurgence and Attack on Titan’s Live-Action film.

The full story can be found over at my write up on Monkeys Fighting Robots. Give it a click you won’t be disappointed.