Colossal News: Godzilla: Resurgence and Attack on Titan are coming to America.

Godzilla: Resurgence

If you haven’t been following the news from the San Diego Comic-Con you really should. They just made some big announcements about Godzilla: Resurgence and Attack on Titan’s Live-Action film.

The full story can be found over at my write up on Monkeys Fighting Robots. Give it a click you won’t be disappointed.

Gigantic News: MST3K Kickstarter!

MST3KYou guys know I prefer to do these with three news articles at a time but this one is too important not to talk about now! This is Mystery Science Theater 3000! That’s right! The show that sung about Gamera being filled of turtle meat wants to come back and expose a whole new generation of film buffs out there to the greatness that is Tom Servo, Crow T. Robot, and Manos the Hands of Fate.

If you haven’t already clicked the link for the kickstarter, to donate money, HEREit is. CLICK people, we need more MST 3K in our lives.

Colossal News: Shin America, Cancelled?!


I’ve got some news bits so its time for another, COLOSSAL NEWS!

First up more news on the King of the Monsters. Godzilla’s film from Toho Studios coming out in 2016 has a title. It will be called, SHIN GODZILLA (New Godziila). Not very impressive but still good to hear that things are moving ahead. There is also rumors that if things go well with King Kong’s new film, Skull Island, the two foes could go team up in the future. Fingers crossed on that one.


Next up, the kickstarter worked! Team America has reached the goal to outfit their robot for their fight with Japan. The Megabots new concept looks is like something out of G-Gundam. Not in a good way. Still, the giant robots will fight so we have that going for us.


Finally, Pacific Rim 2…is cancelled?! What mockery is this? Announced early this week, Pacific Rim is on indefinite delay which could become a cancellation. The reason? Money. Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are having a financial look at the film and fear it will not be feasible or a good idea to keep going. I couldn’t disagree more and think they should get off their butts and give me more Jaegers but that’s me. Hopefully this will be resolved in the near future and we won’t have to worry about this hiccup in the road to get more giant monsters from director, Guillermo Del Toro.

That’s it for now. As always people, LIVE LARGE!

Colossal News: Adult Iron GX

Hmm. That title sounds like some kid of vitamin supplement. Anyways a lot of articles have surfaced for once again its time for COLASSAL NEWS.

CJaFt2SUsAAqIvFirst up, the cult film and childhood favorite of many, the Iron Giant will be returning to theaters this fall. Fathom events will be having special screenings of the film and this release will apparently include new scenes. I still have to review this movie for the blog but let’s be honest. This one is an automatic A.

Next up is information on the new Mobile Suit Gundam series has been released. The new show will be called Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans and is set to debut in October 4th of this year. There is also talks of streaming it here in America but I hope they figure out a better way then the YouTube channel of GundamInfo which won’t let me watch the English Subs of Reconquista in G here in the states. keyvisual01-144503

Also, if anyone was wondering about where the Gundam Review are on this site and how I can keep calling myself a Mecha fan without ever touching the Franchise I have good news. I am working on making “Gundam Month” where I will have an entry everyday covering a series or movie in the Franchise. I’m still working on getting all those review together so give me a bit. They are coming I promise.

News has also surfaced of a new Transformers cartoon that will be directed at adults. Gaming and media website Machinima will be helping to create the show which will air on their website. The cartoon is said to be based on the IDW comic series, which has helped to produce some of the best Transformer story lines ever. Trust me if your a Transformers fan and not reading those comics then you are missing out.


Finally in a historical first Crunchyroll will be simultaneously broadcasting a Tokusatsu show as its running in Japan. The show is the latest entry into the Ultraman Franchise, called Ultraman X. Check out the Facebook for the usual small comments about the episodes as they come out.


That`s all for now. Untiil next time, GO BIG OR GO HOME! Still working on my sign out.

Colossal News: Googling a giant robot ambassador

Welcome to a new segment on this blog that I call, COLOSSAL NEWS! This is where I’m going to take the time to discuss news articles that I feel fall under this blogs criteria. My way of talking about some recent events without doing a full review or anything like that. Lets get started.


First up, a big shout out to Google who decided to celebrate Eiji Tsuburaya’s birthday in style. The custom google splash allows a person to make their own mini-kaiju movie. I already tried it myself and found it to be a lot of fun. Happy Birthday to the late but still true Master of Monsters. I really need to get around to reading that biography of his I have on my shelf.

Next up, Its America vs. Japan…WITH GIANT ROBOTS! American robot developers out of Texas have created a robot called the Megabot MK 2 and have now challenged the Japanese robot, Kuratas to a duel. And Japan accepted! They are still working out all the details on how the fight will play out but it will surely an event I’ll keep a look out for. All we need now is for an announcer to yell, “GUNDAM FIGHT! READY? GO!”


Finally, as I have to talk about it even in the Facebook group, lets give it up for Godzilla! Early this year the King of Monsters was officially made a Japanese citizen and was given the honor of being an ambassador of tourism for the country. Way to go Big G! I’m looking forward to your work as an ambassador as well as your film next year from your old mother company of Toho studios.


That will just about do it. Remember everyone, LIVE LARGE! Also I’m just toying with that as a closing line. IF you feel I should try something else let me know. Helpful criticism is always welcome.