Valvrave the Liberator: Season 2

Valvrave-Season-2-00Time to return to the review the second half of a series where the Main Character dies at the end of the first episode. Yes, it’s time to take a look at the second season of Valvrave the Liberator. Will it keep up the death toll of the previous season? Spoiler alert: Yes! A lot of people die.

Now that Module 77 has reached the moon and become their own nation it’s time to travel to the Earth and face the Magius. As Haruto struggles to keep in the fight he discovers the dark secretes surrounding the Valvraves. From the Valvraves being powered by Runes (which come from human memories) and the Magius’ have existed since the dawn of Time, Haruto has a lot to deal with.


The intensity from the first season doesn’t let up in this second season. It’s almost better to watch if you weren’t watching as the broadcast came out and didn’t have to wait the fourth months between the two seasons. The first episode even picks with the battle that was the cliffhanger of the previous season. The series screams to be the kind show that you binge watch some friends on a long weekend.

Only problem with binging this series is it has too much drama to watch at once. The group that goes down to the earth don’t all come back and some come back in body bags. With every little victory the Valvrave pilots experience seem to result in twice as many set backs. The Magius are a ruthless organization that want the Valvraves and¬†will stop at nothing to get them back.

valvraveNew mecha are also introduced in the series. The strike brace is an attachment weapon that helps to cool down the robots and has both defensive and offensive capabilities. It’s a pretty cool piece of hardware. The enemies also get new suits known as Kirschbuum which are meant to be Anti-Valvrave type suit and are incredible destruive. These robot additions help to keep the combat scenes strong but often detracts from the characterization of the show.

Given the epic grand scale effects of where the series ends, it might have been better to show more development in how things turned out. Once again much like Code Geass and Gundam Seed, Sunrise Studios tries to tie up the entire show in the credits of the final episode. You can’t keep doing this to us guys. Fans need proper endings and they won’t get it if you wait until the last minutes to properly draw everything to a close.

The series ends good but kinda depressing. There is a lot of death and destruction and not necessarily in a good way. There is the possibility of sequel but it definitely won’t contain¬†certain members of the cast which really helped make this show worth watching. Overall, not the worst attempt by Sunrise to make other robots other than Gundams.


Code Geass R2


Man I remember when Code Geass ended. I almost threw my laptop out the window in frustration. Luckily I was able to occupy my time with other things (Cant remember what they were at the moment) until I finally got around to the sequel. Personally I have to say that it was worth the wait.

Code Geass left the the fans on a nail biting Mexican stand off. Its sequel picks up Lelouch enjoying a semi normal day at school. It appears as if he has no idea of being Zero or leading the Black Knights. Its soon revealed that he has been brainwashed and placed back into his previous life in an attempt to flush out C.C. Now Lelouch has no choice but to rebuild his plans and forces from the ground up. This becomes difficult thanks to a young man named Rollo who possesses an interesting Geass and claims to be Lelouch’s brother.


With the reset back to square one that Lelouch undergoes, he has no choice but to think outside the box or in this case another country. His plans take his tam outside of Area 11 (Japan) to China and back to build the forces his needs to take down Britannia. This exploration of the different areas of the world of Code Geass really helps to give a sense of the far reach that the power of Britannia holds.

The series also increases the development of characters we already know while at the same time introducing a lot of characters that add to the story. We are introduced to the Knights of Round, the elite warriors of the Britannia empire and their custom Mechas. Each of them has a unique look and feel to it. Personally though I am particular to Gino Weinberg’s Tristan. Maybe its just that I love a mecha that can also transform, still it was a good robot overall.


The series builds to on intensely to a conclusion that I insist everyone needs to see. It wraps up so nicely that I wonder I have revisit the new OVA series, Code Geass: Akito the Exiled. I haven’t heard anyone talking about it but it does look very entertaining. Maybe Ill get around to it eventually but after the intense and memorable ending that Code Geass R2 leave you with, there is very little reason to check out any other series. The creative team behind it really did stick the landing. Iv you liked the first series, then you need to see the sequel. Its that simple.

Rating: A-

Code Geass

code_geass_01 Just like when I talked about Burst Angel there are times when a show has a strong opening but then goes absolutely nowhere with its story. This is far too common and much rarer are occasions when a show has a strong first episode and episodes that follow are jut as incredible. This is the case of Code Geass, a mecha series that is incredible powerful through the its entire run.

In the conquered former country of Japan now called Area 11, the exiled prince Lelouch of the conquering army of Britannia wishes to change the world. In the middle of a war zone he meets a mysterious woman named C.C., who grants him the ability of Geass which allows him to give someone one absolute command that the victim must follow. With his new power Leloouch takes the disguise of Zero and sets forth to take down Britannia and discovers the secrets behind his mother`s death.


The world and characters of Code Geass is what really makes the show stand on its own. Lelouch is an incredibly motivated and intriguing character who does some very underhanded moves but does it in a way that keeps people watching. On the other idea of the conflict is Suzaku a Japanese man who has enrolled in the Britannia Army who was childhood friend of Lelouch, the conflict between these two former friends is one of the center themes of the show and keeps people watching episode after episode. I would also re-missed if I didn’t mention Kallen, who beings an equal measure of epic mecha piloting skill and fanservice eye candy for the male watchers. Some shows just offer a female character that gives nothing except breast jiggling but a attribute nothing to the show. Code Geass is a show that makes itself a cut amongest the rest.

code geass stadtfeld kallen 1280x960 wallpaper_www.wallpaperfo.com_31

The mecha of the series are very unique in there own right. Each nation of the series has a different suit and offers a unique visual style about it. The standard mecha of both sides are very distinct but the prototype and specially built models are incredibly distinct. Suzaku’s Lancelot is a fast mecha with its launchers moves from the hips like other suits moves to its Arms. Also Kallen’s Guren Mark II has a devastatingly powerful attack that totally microwave her opponents robot. Just thinking about the Guren makes me want to pull up youtube and watch it again.

Code Geass is an intense series with a lot of great action and immersive characters. Yes, its not without its faults but personally none of them truly annoy me to the point that I cant give the series such a glowing review. Why are you still reading this? You need to track down this series and watch it. If i had the Geass I’d use it to command you to go watch this anime.