Valvrave the Liberator: Season 2

Valvrave-Season-2-00Time to return to the review the second half of a series where the Main Character dies at the end of the first episode. Yes, it’s time to take a look at the second season of Valvrave the Liberator. Will it keep up the death toll of the previous season? Spoiler alert: Yes! A lot of people die.

Now that Module 77 has reached the moon and become their own nation it’s time to travel to the Earth and face the Magius. As Haruto struggles to keep in the fight he discovers the dark secretes surrounding the Valvraves. From the Valvraves being powered by Runes (which come from human memories) and the Magius’ have existed since the dawn of Time, Haruto has a lot to deal with.


The intensity from the first season doesn’t let up in this second season. It’s almost better to watch if you weren’t watching as the broadcast came out and didn’t have to wait the fourth months between the two seasons. The first episode even picks with the battle that was the cliffhanger of the previous season. The series screams to be the kind show that you binge watch some friends on a long weekend.

Only problem with binging this series is it has too much drama to watch at once. The group that goes down to the earth don’t all come back and some come back in body bags. With every little victory the Valvrave pilots experience seem to result in twice as many set backs. The Magius are a ruthless organization that want the Valvraves and will stop at nothing to get them back.

valvraveNew mecha are also introduced in the series. The strike brace is an attachment weapon that helps to cool down the robots and has both defensive and offensive capabilities. It’s a pretty cool piece of hardware. The enemies also get new suits known as Kirschbuum which are meant to be Anti-Valvrave type suit and are incredible destruive. These robot additions help to keep the combat scenes strong but often detracts from the characterization of the show.

Given the epic grand scale effects of where the series ends, it might have been better to show more development in how things turned out. Once again much like Code Geass and Gundam Seed, Sunrise Studios tries to tie up the entire show in the credits of the final episode. You can’t keep doing this to us guys. Fans need proper endings and they won’t get it if you wait until the last minutes to properly draw everything to a close.

The series ends good but kinda depressing. There is a lot of death and destruction and not necessarily in a good way. There is the possibility of sequel but it definitely won’t contain certain members of the cast which really helped make this show worth watching. Overall, not the worst attempt by Sunrise to make other robots other than Gundams.


Valvrave the Liberator

28486-Valvrave the Liberator

You’d think Sunrise as a studio wouldn’t need to make any more robot series. After all they are the studio that makes all the Gundam shows. Still, despite a near monopoly on mecha, they eventually make other series in an effort to launch a new franchise. Though they may never be as enormous of a franchise as Gundam they are still entertaining in some extent as long as they have a draw that sets the series apart from others, memorable. The draw of this series: LOTS of blood.

Haruto Tokishima is a boy who is just trying to live an ordinary High School life and let his crush, Shoko, know how he feels. His world is thrown upside down when enemy forces from Dorssia attack the Module that he lives on and almost kill Shoko. Thinking she is dead, Haruto enters into the Valvrave, a mysterious red robot that allows him to fight off the Dorssia horde. After the battle is over, he is approached by the Dorssia spy L-Elf, who shoots Haruto repeatedly in the chest killing him. Haruto revives a few minutes later and sinks his teeth into L-Elf’s neck…which ends the first episode.


This show starts out extreme and doesn’t slow down at all. It has something of a “Game of Thrones” feel to it, a series which has a reputation of killing of large portions of its cast dying in order to advance the story. Likewise, the anime doesn’t mind killing a few of its characters quite often to advance the plot (a lot more in the second season but that’s a review for another time). The new form that the Valvraves (yes there is more than one) gives to their pilots allows them to be hurt a lot but survive from it, which explains why Haruto is able to survive after being shot in the chest in the first episode. That aside, there are characters that won’t even make it out of the first five episodes.

The robots are very unique. Much like a series like Gundam Wing, each of the suits is a powerhouse on its own with its own special abilities that distinguishes it from others. Haruto’s own robot does an impressive energy attack that allows him to destroy an entire fleet of ships with a swing of his sword. They are also given an interesting weakness in even though they are self powered, if the robot gets too hot it will shut itself down. Very interesting way to cap very powerful machines.

The use of social networking is actively addressed in this show. From the students using it to gain support to Haruto’s phone being overrun with friend requests after its revealed he is the pilot of the giant robot, the anime does a nice job showcasing what would happen when a world with giant robots has something like Facebook. One of the other pilots, Saki, uses social media to help to restart her career as an idol once after she makes her transformation. The show uses social media to also point out how fast information can travel and how the world can be aware of what is going around at a moments notice.


The show, especially its first season was an intense ride that had me going the entire time. I was watching this show as soon as it dropped on Crunchyroll. The show is action packed and has some very interesting Mecha designs. I do wonder though if the series has truly become noteworthy though. I mean the show ended back in January of 2014 and I haven’t really heard that many people scream their love of it since it ended. Was it just a flicker in the dark or are more people holding it close to their hearts then I know?

Rating: A-