Liebster Award Nomination

One of my readers, dandylion13, nominated me for a Liebster Award which is given out to bloggers to help them to get more recognition. I really appreciate it. Here are my answers to the questions I was given as a nominee.

1. What is your favorite series? 


Tekkaman Blade!

2. Why is that you favorite series?


This series was one of the first shows I recognized was more than just animation and actually was anime. I missed the ending to it and spent the better part of first years as a fan tracking it down. I really didn’t even see it all the way through until 10 years later and it would be another 5 years after that before I saw it with a half way decent translation. It was keeping the flame of this series alive for so long that gave it a place in my heart. I jumped for joy when I saw he could be a playable character in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and play as him regularly ever time I pop in that game.

3. Do you read comic books, if so what is your favorite comic book?


I  have read Fables for years. I have to say that Fables drawing to a close will definitely hit me very hard when I finally read that final issue as I’ve been reading it since college (back in 2002).

4. Where would you like to travel if you had the chance?


I would someday like to go to Japan. As a lover of Anime and Tokusatsu I would love to actually explore the shops that offers goods that are impossible to find online. Also, I have to see that life size RX-78 Gundam.

5. What is your favorite food?


I do love pizza and have to resist the urge to have more than once a week because of the carbs. BUT I would really say that my go to food that I try in numerous restaurants is the Italian Sub. I have tried many sub shops to see how they spin my favorite sandwich.

6. What is your favorite videogame?


I play this game at least once a year all the way through. I love it! Next question.

7. Have you ever bought anything online, if so what was it?


I have a huge Amazon Wish list and often use it to keep track of all the graphic novels I want to add to my collection. With some of the gift cards I got with the holidays I bought the new Silverbolt from the Transformers: Combiner Wars line. I often try to use to eBay to help with my figure collection.

8. Who is your role model?


My grandfather. He was truly one of the greatest men that I ever known and taught me about responsibility. As a writer, I’d say Ernest Cline. His first novel, “Ready Player One” really showcased his geek pride and I someday hope to write a novel where I can wave my geek flag high and proud.

9. Who is you favorite Superhero?



10. Do you play board games, if so which ones?

B000W7JWUA-1-lg image

Yes. Settlers of Catan is a favorite to play with my friends and Scrabble is my family’s game of choice that we play during the holidays or at family meals.

11. What got you into Blogging?


I wanted to spread the message of good fan behavior with my first blog “Are you killing your fandom?” Then I wanted to spread my love of Kaiju and Mecha which spawned my second blog, “The Gigantic Project.” Really I did it to help get my voice heard just a bit more if just by a few more individuals.

That’s about it. Tell me what you thought of my responses and if I need to answer anymore questions for this nomination. Thanks again dandylion13!

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