News on the TOHO 2016 Godzilla film

I’m not going to be publishing all the time but with this recent announcement I couldn’t help myself. The writer and director of the new TOHO Godzilla film will be…Hideaki Anno of Neon Genesis Evangelion fame. I am reserved in how I feel about this. As I stated in my Evangelion review I’m a little Eva-ed out and Anno really hasn’t done much else. I am not totally against him taking the project though. I’m just a little hesitant is all. This is the same guy who added his death threats to his own movie just to spite people.

The news that did interest me though was that Shinji Higuchi, who did the special effects for the Heisei Gamera Trilogy (which I have professed my undying love for) will be doing the effects. I am thrilled at this news. So, to recap, at this point I am THRILLED of the upcoming film. Things are definately looking good for the King of the Monster’s return to his home country.


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