Colossal News: Googling a giant robot ambassador

Welcome to a new segment on this blog that I call, COLOSSAL NEWS! This is where I’m going to take the time to discuss news articles that I feel fall under this blogs criteria. My way of talking about some recent events without doing a full review or anything like that. Lets get started.


First up, a big shout out to Google who decided to celebrate Eiji Tsuburaya’s birthday in style. The custom google splash allows a person to make their own mini-kaiju movie. I already tried it myself and found it to be a lot of fun. Happy Birthday to the late but still true Master of Monsters. I really need to get around to reading that biography of his I have on my shelf.

Next up, Its America vs. Japan…WITH GIANT ROBOTS! American robot developers out of Texas have created a robot called the Megabot MK 2 and have now challenged the Japanese robot, Kuratas to a duel. And Japan accepted! They are still working out all the details on how the fight will play out but it will surely an event I’ll keep a look out for. All we need now is for an announcer to yell, “GUNDAM FIGHT! READY? GO!”


Finally, as I have to talk about it even in the Facebook group, lets give it up for Godzilla! Early this year the King of Monsters was officially made a Japanese citizen and was given the honor of being an ambassador of tourism for the country. Way to go Big G! I’m looking forward to your work as an ambassador as well as your film next year from your old mother company of Toho studios.


That will just about do it. Remember everyone, LIVE LARGE! Also I’m just toying with that as a closing line. IF you feel I should try something else let me know. Helpful criticism is always welcome.

One thought on “Colossal News: Googling a giant robot ambassador

  1. I was so excited to see the google doodle. It was something I didn’t expect and it really took this long to make Godzilla a citizen. I mean he has been living of their coast for years now.


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